Top things to do in Varaždinske Toplice

European in Varaždinske Toplice

Zlatne Gorice

If you have your own wheels, stop for lunch at this sparkling restored mansion, set 3km from Toplice along the old road to Varaždin. Surrounded by vineyards, it serves central European fare (think schnitzels, stews …
Archaeological Site in Varaždinske Toplice

Aqua Iasae

History buffs can stroll around the remains of this Roman baths complex, built between the 1st and 4th centuries AD. Scraps of fresco are still visible on some walls. It's located just a quick stroll up from the mus…
Museum in Varaždinske Toplice

Varaždinske Toplice Museum

The city museum, in a baroque castle at the heart of Varaždinske Toplice, has a small collection of archaeological finds from Aqua Iasae. Its most prized possession, unearthed at the site, is a sculpture of Minerva …