Walking & Biking Tours

Ugljan Island Self-Guide Bike Tour

This selfguided tour will walk you through the most exciting paths of the island of Ugljan. You make your own schedule and explore on your own, fully equipped with the necessary supplies and valuable tips. Embark on this worry free adventure.
9.5 hours
Water Sports

Private half day speedboat tour to Zadar's nearby islands

If you don’t have enough time to explore the beauties of the outer islands of Zadar archipelago, we’ll do the next best thing. Just across from Zadar, the island of Ugljan with its two smaller siblings, islands of Ošljak and Školjić will provide you with a beginners guide to the beauties of Croatian islands. On this 4 hour tour, you'll never find yourself on a overcrowded beach with tons of other tourists. Who would want that anyway?! We want you to get the first hand experience of the Croatian Islands and soak in their atmosphere. We welcome your ideas, and take your schedule into account, the tour lasts depending on your time in hand. With Speed Boat Zadar, you decide how to spend your day, we are there only to make suggestions...
4 hours
Tours & Sightseeing

Ugljan and Pasman Island Self-Guide Scooter Tour

A great way to experience Ugljan Island. Yourself and your loved ones, the landscape and exquisite gastronomy of the island, a great scooter and the ease of mind that we're looking after you. Our personalised Self-guided trips have become our most popular type of experience and we believe they fit very well with the philosophy of travel we believe in. Go out at your own time and ride at your own pace, stop whenever you want, wander around little rural villages, maybe get a little lost once, get out of your comfort zone but not too much, why not...  Easy cycling across Ugljan and Pasman Island, taking in coastal trails and beautiful inland routes. The island has long been an island synonymous with sun, sea and sand, but many forget the treasures hidden away lesser-known known parts of the island. This relaxed itinerary features relatively easy riding taking in the highlights of both the quiet coastal areas and countryside or numerous sandy beaches.
9 hours
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Half Day Sailing Trip from Zadar and Biograd

Enjoy the sea, sun, and feel the salty wind at your back on this five hour, half day tour small group tour. Join us on our sailing boat and let yourself go to the unique experience that is Zadar archipelago. Visit multiple islands and secluded bays along the way on this Mediterranean adventure.
5 hours