Trogir attractions

Top Choice Cathedral in Trogir

St Lawrence's Cathedral

Trogir's show-stopping attraction is its three-naved Venetian cathedral, one of the finest architectural works in Croatia, built between the 13th and 15th centuries. Master Radovan carved the grand Romanesque portal…
Beach in Trogir

Medena Beach

On the Seget Riviera, 4km west of the old town, this stretch of beach has a long promenade lined with bars, tennis courts, minigolf, ice-cream parlours and stands renting jet skis, kayaks and windsurfers. While it's…
Museum in Trogir

Sacred Art Museum

Highlights of this small museum include illuminated manuscripts, a large painting of St Jerome and St John the Baptist by Bellini, an almost life-size, brightly painted Crucifix with Triumphant Christ and the darkly…
Beach in Trogir

Okrug Gornji

Trogir's most popular beach, Okrug Gornji (aka Copacabana), lies 1.7km south of the old town on the island of Čiovo and can be reached by road or boat. It's a 2km-long stretch of pebbles, lined with cafe-bars, ice-c…
Convent in Trogir

St Nicholas's Convent

The treasury of this Benedictine convent is home to a dazzling 3rd-century relief of Kairos, the Greek god of opportunity, carved out of orange marble.
Historic Building in Trogir

Marmont's Gloriette

Right at the western tip of Trogir island, this elegant gazebo was built by the French during the Napoleonic occupation of Dalmatia. At the time it jutted out into a marshy lagoon and Marshal Marmont used to sit wit…
Castle in Trogir

Kamerlengo Castle

Built by the Venetians in around 1420, this fortress was once connected to the city walls. Inside it's basically an empty shell, but you can climb up and circle the walls. Concerts are held here during the Trogir Su…
Palace in Trogir

Grand Cipiko Palace

This palatial house, opposite the cathedral, was home to a prominent family during the 15th century. It's not open to the public, but you can stop to admire the intricately carved Gothic triforium encasing the windo…
Historic Building in Trogir

Town Hall

This 15th-century building beside the cathedral has a Gothic courtyard decorated with coats of arms, a monumental staircase and a well carved with the winged lion of St Mark, the symbol of the Venetian Republic.
Church in Trogir

St Sebastian's Church

No longer used for services, this 1476 church shelters stone sarcophagi and the photos of locals killed in the 1990s war. It's topped by a large, blue-faced Renaissance clock.