Dangers & Annoyances

Split is a fairly safe city and the streets of the old town are usually full of people, day and night. Street violence is rare and there's no particular problem with pickpocketing, but you should employ common sense regardless.

Emergency & Important Numbers

To dial a phone number from outside Croatia, dial your international access code, Croatia’s country code (385), then the number (dropping the initial '0').

International access code00
General emergency112
Fire brigade193

LGBT Travellers

Homosexuality in Croatia is generally tolerated if not widely accepted. Even in Split, one of the more liberal cities, public signs of same-sex affection may be met with hostility. Split doesn't have any specifically gay or lesbian venues, but Ghetto Club attracts a noticeable gay clientele. Split Pride is usually held on the first Saturday in June.

Internet Access

Most accommodation providers and many cafes and bars in the inner city offer free wi-fi access.


You can change money at travel agencies or at any post office. There are ATMs around the bus and train stations and throughout the city.

Opening Hours

Split is a proper Mediterranean city and the siesta tradition is alive and well. Many businesses close for a midafternoon nap in summer and then open late into the evening.

Banks 9am–8pm Monday to Friday, 7am–1pm Saturday

Restaurants noon–midnight

Cafes and bars 8am–1am

Clubs 10pm–4am Friday and Saturday, daily in summer

Shops 8.30am–10pm Monday to Friday in high season, reduced at other times and at weekends. Some take a break from 2pm to 5pm and then reopen.


Tourist Information

Split's tourist offices stock the free 72-hour Split Card, which offers free or discounted access to attractions, car rental, restaurants, shops and theatres. You're eligible for the card if you're staying in Split more than four nights from April to September, or staying in designated hotels for more than two nights at other times.

Tourist Office Peristil

Tourist Office Riva

Travel Agencies

Daluma Travel Books excursions and boat trips, and arranges private accommodation and car, scooter and bike rental.

Turistički Biro Excursions and private accommodation.

Travel with Children

Split is a particularly child-friendly city, with much of the old town closed to cars. There aren't a lot of specifically child-orientated sights, but the beaches are very safe, ice-cream stalls abound and the city has a dedicated puppet theatre.

Travellers with Disabilities

Mobility-impaired travellers will find some of the old-town streets challenging, particularly in Veli Varoš, where there are lots of stairs. Most sights aren't well set up for wheelchair users, and specific resources for sight-impaired and hearing-impaired travellers are rare.