Kuna (KN)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 400KN

  • Dorm bed: 190–240KN
  • Pizza or pasta: 40–70KN
  • Short bus journey: 11KN

Midrange: 400–1300KN

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: 450–900KN
  • Lunch and dinner in local restaurants: 70–120KN
  • Admission to museums: 20–42KN

Top end: More than 1300KN

  • Double room in a luxury hotel: 900–3600KN
  • A day's car hire: 450KN
  • Meal in a top restaurant: 150–300KN


Some gentle haggling might save you a few kuna at a market stall; in all other instances you’re expected to pay the stated price.


You can change money at travel agencies or at any post office. There are ATMs around the bus and train stations and throughout the city.