Must-see attractions in Southern Dalmatia

  • Maritime Museum

    This moderately interesting museum contains model ships, maritime paintings, boating memorabilia, navigational aids, Roman ceramics sourced from…

  • Lapidarium

    Housed in the 1572 bishop's palace, this one-room museum displays fragments of medieval interlace stonework recovered from various former churches. There…

  • Marco Polo Museum

    One for the kiddies, this somewhat tacky display tells the story of Polo's extraordinary life by way of seven life-sized waxwork tableaux illustrating key…

  • Sea Gate Tower

    This small, crumbling tower has an inscription in Latin from 1592 stating, somewhat fancifully, that Korčula was founded after the fall of Troy. It now…

  • Small Governor's Tower

    This tower was built in 1449 to protect the port and the Governor’s Palace, which used to stand next to the town hall. It's not open to the public.

  • Large Governor's Tower

    Built in 1483, this conical tower protected the harbour and the Governor's Palace, which used to stand next to the town hall.

  • Kanavelić Tower

    The renovated Kanavelić Tower has a semicircular profile topped with battlements. It's not open to the public