Arts & Crafts in Rijeka

Mala Galerija

This small art shop stocks the traditional Rijeka design known as morčići, a ceramic jewellery piece depicting a Moor wearing a turban.
Wine in Slavonia

Vina Čamak – Kolijevka Graševine

For a complete selection of Kutjevo’s wines, visit this wine shop and tasting room in the town centre.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Rijeka

Šta Da?

Literally translating as 'what yes?', 'šta da' is an idiom peculiar to Rijeka meaning something like 'you what!?' or 'really, you don't say!'. This cool little store stocks T-shirts, jewellery and clocks, including …
Books in Rijeka


Large bookshop on the Korzo selling maps and guides and much more, though mostly in Croatian.