Top Choice Church in Rovinj

Church of St Euphemia

The town’s showcase, this imposing church dominates the old town from its hilltop location in the middle of the peninsula. Built in 1736, it’s the largest baroque building in Istria, reflecting the period during the…
Museum in Rovinj

Batana House

On the harbour, Batana House is a museum dedicated to the batana, a flat-bottomed fishing boat that stands as a symbol of Rovinj’s seafaring and fishing traditions. The multimedia exhibits inside the 17th-century to…
Street in Rovinj


Lined with galleries where local artists sell their work, this cobbled street leads uphill from behind the Balbi Arch to St Euphemia. The winding narrow backstreets that spread around Grisia are an attraction in the…
Park in Rovinj

Punta Corrente Forest Park

Follow the waterfront on foot or by bike past Hotel Park to this verdant area, locally known as Zlatni Rt, about 1.5km south. Covered in oak and pine groves and boasting 10 species of cypress, the park was establish…
Museum in Rovinj

Heritage Museum

This museum in a baroque palace contains a collection of contemporary art and old masters from Rovinj and elsewhere in Croatia, plus archaeological finds, a maritime section and occasional special exhibits.
Monument in Rovinj

Balbi Arch

The elaborate Balbi Arch was built in 1679 on the location of the former town gate. The top of the arch is ornamented with a Turkish head on the outside and a Venetian head on the inside.