Top things to do

Top Choice Castle in Rijeka

Trsat Castle

High on a hill above the city, this semiruined 13th-century fortress offers magnificent vistas from its bastions and ramparts, looking down the Rječina River valley to the docks, the Adriatic and the distant island …
Top Choice Croatian in Rijeka

Konoba Nebuloza

Straddling the line between modern and traditional Croatian fare, this slightly upmarket riverside restaurant serves lots of seafood along with selected beef and turkey dishes. Specialities include sous vide swordfi…
Top Choice Bakery in Rijeka


The best bakery in town, with delicious filled baguettes, wholemeal bread, croissants and burek (pastry stuffed with meat, spinach or cheese). There are several branches around town and across Croatia.
Church in Rijeka

Our Lady of Trsat Church

According to legend, the angels carrying the house of Jesus' mother from Nazareth rested here in the late 13th century before moving it to Loreto across the Adriatic in Le Marche. Pilgrims started trickling into the…
Museum in Rijeka

Maritime & History Museum

The star of this museum is the building itself, the former palace of the Austro-Hungarian governor. It's a splendid showcase of Hungarian architecture, with grand staircases, glittering chandeliers and many sumptuou…
Cathedral in Rijeka

St Vitus' Cathedral

North of the Roman Gate is this unusual round cathedral, built by the Jesuit order in 1638 on the site of an older church and dedicated to Rijeka’s patron saint. If it looks familiar, it's probably because it featur…
Carnival in Rijeka

Rijeka Carnival

Rio or Funchal it isn't, but the largest carnival in Croatia provides a good excuse to tarry in Rijeka between mid-January and Ash Wednesday. The festivities include pageants, street dances, concerts, masked balls, …
Museum in Rijeka

Natural History Museum

Located in a very grand 19th-century villa, this museum is devoted to the geology, botany and sea life of the Adriatic area. There’s a small aquarium, exhibits on sharks, taxidermic animals and lots of bugs. Don’t m…
Seafood in Rijeka

Zlatna Školjka

Savour the superbly prepared seafood, Italian pasta and risottos, and choice Croatian wines at this formal though oddly done-out restaurant (Gaudí-esque columns and stones implanted into the walls). Daily specials s…
Italian in Rijeka

Maslina Na Zelenom Trgu

For the best pizza in the city centre head to this small Italian place with wobbly art-nouveau decor and tiled tables. The wheels of pizza here are popular among Rijeka's (or should we say Fiume's) Italian populatio…