Top Choice Tower in Rab Town

St Mary's Campanile

Dating from the 12th century, this is Rab’s tallest bell tower and one of the most beautiful on the entire Croatian coast. The 26m edifice is topped with an octagonal pyramid surrounded by a Romanesque balustrade, a…
Top Choice Beach in Lopar

Paradise Beach

One of Croatia's best beaches, this sickle of fine sand hems Lopar's southern flank and is the biggest attraction in these parts. Backed by all sorts of attractions, from minigolf to ice-cream parlours, this is the …
Beach in Lopar

Sahara Beach

Sahara Beach is a popular nudist spot in a gorgeous but shallow bay. Look for the signpost pointing off the main road before you reach Paradise Beach; it's a 1.8km (half-hour) walk from here, or you can drive along …
Church in Rab Town

Church of the Assumption

It hasn't been a cathedral since 1828, when the diocese was dissolved, but locals still refer to this, their grandest church, as the katedrala. Its striking facade has stripes of pink and cream stone, and a Gothic-s…
Monastery in Rab Town

Monastery of St Euphemia

A 2.5km walk heading north along the seaside promenade from Rab's old town brings you to this peaceful Franciscan monastery, dating from the 13th century. The monks have a small museum with old manuscripts and relig…
Church in Rab Town

Holy Cross Church

This 13th-century church takes its present name from a crucifix upon which, in 1556, the image of Christ was said to have wept due to the immoral conduct of the people of Rab. Sadly, the miraculous cross was lost in…
Viewpoint in Rab Town


For a great view over Rab's rooftops, including all four bell towers, head to the northwesternmost corner of the old town and look for a small courtyard containing fragments of old monuments. Stone stairs lead up fr…
Church in Rab Town

St Anthony the Abbot's Church

At the eastern tip of the old town, this church attached to a still-operating Franciscan convent has lots of inlaid marble and a carving of a seated St Anthony decorating the altar. It's the final resting place of S…
Church in Rab Town

St Andrew's Monastery

Founded in 1018, this Benedictine monastery has Rab’s oldest bell tower (1181) and a still-functioning bell dating from 1396. Peer through the railings at the church's triple nave; some of the plasterwork has been r…
Beach in Lopar

Livačina Beach

This popular beach is one cove east of Lopar town. It can get busy, but it's a good alternative to the even busier main town beach. Backed by pine trees and with sheltered waters, it's popular with families.