Top Choice Historic Building in Pula

Roman Amphitheatre

Pula’s most famous and imposing sight is this 1st-century oval amphitheatre, overlooking the harbour northeast of the old town. It's a huge and truly magnificent structure, slotted together entirely from local limes…
Public Art in Pula

Lighting Giants

Don't miss Pula's star evening attraction, a gobsmacking lighting display at the city's 19th-century Uljanik shipyard, one of the world's oldest working docks. Renowned lighting designer Dean Skira has lit up the sh…
Historic Building in Pula

Temple of Augustus

This is the only visible remnant from the Roman era on the Forum, Pula’s central meeting place from antiquity through the Middle Ages. It used to contain temples and public buildings, but today this temple, erected …
Historic Site in Pula


This underground system of tunnels was built before and during WWI to shelter the city's population and serve as storage for ammunition. Now you can walk through several of its sections, which all lead to the middle…
Cathedral in Pula


The main altar of Pula's 5th-century cathedral is a Roman sarcophagus holding relics of saints from the 3rd century. The floor reveals fragments of 5th- and 6th-century mosaics. Stones from the amphitheatre were use…
Historic Site in Pula

Roman Floor Mosaic

This well-preserved mosaic dates from the 3rd century and is a must-see for fans of things Roman. In the midst of remarkably well-preserved geometric motifs is the central panel, which depicts bad girl Dirce from Gr…
Ruins in Pula

Triumphal Arch of Sergius

Along Carrarina are Roman walls, which mark the eastern boundary of old Pula. Follow these walls south and continue down Giardini to this majestic arch, erected in 27 BC to commemorate three members of the Sergius f…
Museum in Pula

Historical & Maritime Museum of Istria

Housed in a 17th-century Venetian hilltop fortress in the old town’s centre, the meagre exhibits here deal mostly with the maritime history of Pula. However, the views from the citadel walls are worth a stop, though…
Museum in Pula

Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria

Pop in to Pula's contemporary-art museum, inside the old printing house off the harbour, to see Istrian art from the second half of the 20th century until today. Rotating exhibits change frequently.