Top Choice Cheese in Kolan

Sirana Gligora

Pag's most award-winning cheese producer has a wonderful shop where you can taste many of the cheeses before you buy; there are dozens to choose from and they can slice what you buy for your picnic or vacuum-seal it…
Top Choice Food & Drinks in Zadar

Natura Zara

This gorgeous little shop, tucked away on a quiet old-city street, sells high-quality Croatian wines, olive oils, honeys, truffles and liqueurs, all from small family producers, and all with an ecological focus.
Food & Drinks in Zadar


Sheep cheese from the island of Pag is a celebrated Croatian culinary tradition. This is the Zadar shopfront for its multi-award-winning cheeses, as well as olive oils, wines and other goodies.
Cheese in Pag Town


Near the tourist office, this tiny shop sells a range of reeking, locally produced cheeses and is open year-round.
Cheese in Kolan

Sirana Mih

At the southern end of the village, this small shop sells some of the award-winning cheeses from the Pernjak family dairy. It's that simple and it's that good.
Cheese in Pag Town

Paška Sirana

One of three major cheese producers on the island, Paška Sirana has a small shop in front of its factory. Opening hours can be erratic outside the summer season.