Vina Belje

Wine in Northern Baranja

The area's largest wine producer, Vina Belje, offers several attractions for wine lovers that can nearly fill an entire day. Start your visit in their vineyards on Banovo Brdo (Banovo Hill), a 15-minute walk up a pretty wine road from Karanac offering scenic vineyard views. Nearby is the swank winery, a high-tech place where you walk on steel boardwalks 8m above the ground.

You can do a guided visit of their ancient wine cellar in the nearby town of Kneževi Vinogradi, which dates back to 1526 and has a wine archive with over 20,000 bottles, including a vintage from 1949. The 30-minute tour takes in the typical gator, a cellar area horizontally dug into a hillside, and giant barrels of Slavonian oak from the Spačva forest. It also includes a tasting of mostly graševina, the local white grape variety.