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Fortress in Mt Medvednica


The medieval fortress of Medvedgrad, just above the city on the southern side of Mt Medvednica, is Zagreb’s most important medieval monument. Built from 1249 to 1254, it was erected to protect the city from Tartar i…
Cave in Mt Medvednica

Veternica Cave

The sixth-largest cave in Croatia, Veternica is open for visitors. You can explore the first 380m of the cave on a guided tour that takes about an hour. It's located in the western part of Medvednica, which is also …
Croatian in Mt Medvednica


This mountain hut is very popular on weekends for its home-cooked traditional Croatian dishes served in a rustic setting.
Croatian in Mt Medvednica


On the western side of Medvednica, this beloved mountain hut at 864m has great basic lodgings and serves hearty food.
Croatian in Mt Medvednica


One of Sljeme's oldest huts, Runolist has beautiful views of Zagreb and traditional food and drink. They also have simple overnight accommodation,