Kuna (KN)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 600KN

  • Dorm bed: 100–360KN
  • Tent site for two people: 100–430KN
  • Meal in a local tavern: 60KN
  • Bus, tram or train ticket: 10–150KN

Midrange: 600–1400KN

  • Double room in a hotel: 450–900KN
  • Meal in a decent restaurant: 120KN
  • City tour by bike: 175KN
  • Short taxi trip: 30KN

Top end: More than 1400KN

  • Double room in a luxury hotel: from 900KN
  • Meal in a top-tier restaurant: 300KN
  • Private sailing trip: 1000KN
  • Car rental per day: 450KN


Some gentle haggling might save you a few kuna at a market stall; in all other instances you’re expected to pay the stated price.


There are many banks and ATMs along Obala kralja Tomislava, and you can change money at the travel agencies on the same street.