Top Choice Castle in Rijeka

Trsat Castle

High on a hill above the city, this semiruined 13th-century fortress offers magnificent vistas from its bastions and ramparts, looking down the Rječina river valley to the docks, the Adriatic and the distant island …
Top Choice Beach in Lopar

Paradise Beach

One of Croatia's finest beaches, this sickle of fine sand hems Lopar's southern flank and is the biggest attraction in these parts. Backed by all sorts of attractions – from minigolf to ice-cream parlours, this is t…
Church in Rijeka

Our Lady of Lourdes Capuchin Church

If you're arriving by bus, you won't help but notice this imposing church towering over the station. Dating from 1904, its ornate neo-Gothic facade stands above an elaborate Italianate double staircase.
Museum in Rijeka

Natural History Museum

Located in a very grand 19th-century villa, this museum is devoted to the geology, botany and sea life of the Adriatic area. There’s a small aquarium, exhibits on sharks, taxidermic animals and lots of bugs. Don’t m…
Gate in Rijeka

Roman Arch

This plain archway marks the former entrance to the Praetorium, an ancient military complex. Other Roman remains can be seen in a small excavation site nearby.
Cathedral in Rijeka

St Vitus' Cathedral

North of the Roman Gate is this unusual round cathedral, built by the Jesuit order in 1638 on the site of an older church and dedicated to Rijeka’s patron saint. If it looks familiar, it's probably because it featur…
Cathedral in Krk Town

Cathedral of the Assumption

This imposing 12th-century Romanesque structure was built on the site of Roman baths and an early-Christian basilica. Inside note the rare early-Christian carving of two birds eating a fish on the first column next …
Fortress in Krk Town


This crumbling old seafront fortress guarded the old town from pirate attacks.Check out the inscribed Liburnian and Roman stones displayed in the courtyard before scrambling up the newly renovated 12th-century tower…
Church in Mali Lošinj

Church of the Nativity

The parish church (built 1696–1775) towers over the town from the ridge. Inside are some notable artworks, including a painting of the Nativity by an 18th-century Venetian artist, and relics of St Romulus. It's usua…
Gardens in Mali Lošinj

Garden of Fine Scents

This fragrant paradise on the southern edge of town has more than 250 native plant varieties plus 100 exotic species, all framed with gromače (traditional stone fences). Natural fragrances, salts and liquors are sol…