Top things to do

Top Choice Church in Krapina

Church of Virgin Mary of Jerusalem

This baroque church, built in 1761, is one of Zagorje's most important pilgrimage sites and is well worth the uphill walk from the centre. Outside, the surrounding arcade is festooned with painted scenes depicting m…
Museum in Krapina

Museum of the Krapina Neanderthal

Those with kids should make a beeline to this brilliant museum which explores the history of the universe, earth and humanity, as well as highlighting the story of Krapina's famous 1899 Neanderthal fossil-bone find …
Croatian in Krapina

Pod Starim Krovovima

On weekdays, this is central Krapina's top pick for a cheap and tasty gablec (lunch) or a dinner of solid traditional fare. Upstairs there are eight plain but clean private rooms should you be looking for a place to…
Monastery in Krapina

Franciscan Monastery

Peek into this baroque monastery just west of the centre, which once housed a philosophy and theology school. The adjoining church has evocative frescos by the Pauline monk Ivan Ranger in the sacristy.
Music in Krapina

Festival of Kajkavian Songs

At the beginning of September, the annual Festival of Kajkavian Songs features folkloric performances, poetry readings and traditional Zagorje food.
Barbecue in Krapina

Neandertal Pub

This Neanderthal-themed cafe-restaurant at the entrance of the museum claims to dish out barbecue from a recipe that’s 130,000 years old.
Bar in Krapina

Ilir Bar

For a coffee break in the sun, grab an outside table at this loungey spot or soak up the old-fashioned vibe inside.
Gallery in Krapina

City Art Gallery

Features rotating exhibits of Croatian artists.