Top things to do in Korčula Town

Top Choice Cathedral in Korčula Town

St Mark’s Cathedral

Dominating the little square at Korčula's heart is this magnificent 15th-century cathedral, built from Korčula limestone in a Gothic-Renaissance style by Italian and local artisans. The sculptural detail of the faca…
Books in Korčula Town

Kutak Knjiga

It's a mystery how Kutak crams books written in Croatian, English, French, Spanish, Czech, Italian, German, Polish, Swedish and Mandarin into such a small place. It stocks a good selection of Croatian classics trans…
Fort in Korčula Town

City Defences

Korčula’s towers and remaining city walls look particularly striking when approached from the sea, their presence warning pirates the town would be no pushover. Originally these defences would have been even more fo…
Museum in Korčula Town

Icon Museum

This modest museum has a collection of interesting Byzantine icons, painted on gilded wood, and 17th- and 18th-century ritual objects. The real highlight is access to gorgeous 15th-century All Saints’ Church (Crkva …
Museum in Korčula Town

St Mark's Abbey Treasury

The 14th-century Abbey Palace houses an important collection of icons and Dalmatian religious art. The most outstanding work is the 1431 polyptych of The Virgin & Child with Saints by Blaž Jurjev of Trogir. The …
Museum in Korčula Town

Korčula Town Museum

Occupying the 16th-century Gabriellis Palace, this museum traces the history and culture of Korčula throughout the ages. Displays cover stonemasonry, shipbuilding, archaeology, art, furniture, textiles and examples …
Dalmatian in Korčula Town

LD Terrace

The LD stands for Lešić Dimitri and it's no surprise that Korčula’s most elegant accommodation should also have its finest restaurant. The setting is magnificent, with a chic upstairs dining room as well as romantic…
Dalmatian in Korčula Town


The hanging tentacles of filament lights over the bar and the big brass fixtures over the tables mark this out as one of Korčula's most fresh and fun restaurants. The menu joins the party, offering traditional speci…
Mediterranean in Korčula Town


As well as being a brilliant place to watch the sunset, Aterina serves an excellent selection of Italian-influenced seafood dishes. The daily specials are the main show – chalked on a blackboard to reflect the daily…
Dance in Korčula Town

Moreška Cultural Club

Enthusiastic townspeople perform the traditional Moreška sword dance, accompanied by a brass band, in an hour-long show. The event usually includes unaccompanied singing by a klapa group.