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Buses connecting the mainland and Korčula Town use the Orebić car ferry. Destinations include Ston (63KN, two hours, two daily), Dubrovnik (97KN, three hours, daily), Split (129KN, five hours, daily), Zadar (202KN, 7¾ hours, daily) and Zagreb (269KN, 11¼ hours, daily). Book ahead in summer.


The island has three major entry ports: Korčula Town's West Harbour, Dominče (3km east of Korčula Town) and Vela Luka.

Jadrolinija has car ferries between Orebić and Dominče (passenger/car 16/76KN, 15 minutes), departing roughly every hour (every 90 minutes from October to May). From June to September, a daily catamaran heads from Korčula Town to Dubrovnik (130KN, two hours), Hvar (120KN, 1½ hours), Bol (130KN, 2¾ hours) and Split (160KN, 3¾ hours).

From Vela Luka, Jadrolinija has two car ferries a day to Split (passenger/car 60/470KN, 2¾ hours) and up to three a day to Ubli on Lastovo (passenger/car 32/180KN, 1¾ hours). There's also a daily catamaran on this route, stopping in Hvar (40KN, 55 minutes) en route between Split (60KN, 2¼ hours) and Ubli (40KN, 55 minutes).

Kapetan Luka sails a catamaran from Korčula Town to Hvar (110KN, 1¼ hours) and Split (130KN, 2½ hours) at least once a day. From May to mid-October there's a daily boat to/from Dubrovnik (130KN, 1¾ hours), Pomena on Mljet (80KN, 30 minutes), Hvar (110KN, one hour), Milna on Brač (130KN, 1¾ hours) and Split (130KN, 2¼ hours). From June to September there's another boat to Dubrovnik (130KN, two hours), Sobra on Mljet (80KN, 55 minutes), Makarska (130KN, one hour), Bol (120KN, 1¾ hours) and Split (130KN, 2¾ hours).

In July and August, G&V Line has four catamarans per week to Korčula Town from Dubrovnik (90KN, 2½ hours), Sobra (60KN, 1½ hours) and Polače on Mljet (50KN, 55 minutes). Two of these continue on to Ubli (60KN, 1¼ hours).