Bicycle Rental in Osijek

Šport za Sve

Taxi in Vukovar


Efficient, well priced and useful for getting to or from the Vučedol Culture Museum if you don't have your own wheels. There's no central taxi stand so phone them for pick-up.
Airport in Osijek

Osijek Airport

Osijek Airport is located 20km from Osijek on the road to Vukovar; it's a very minor airport with only a few Croatia Airlines flights to Dubrovnik and Zagreb.
Train Station in Varaždin

Train Station

The train station is to the east, at the opposite end of town to the bus station. Leave luggage at the train station's garderoba.
Bus Station in Vukovar

Bus Station

Vukovar's bus station has decent bus connections to nearby towns and to the capital as well as a couple of international services.
Bus Stop in Ilok

Bus Stop

Buses arrive and depart from an unmarked car park at the bottom of Ilok's hill, an easy walk (back up the hill) to the museum.
Bus Station in Varaždin

Bus Station

The bus station lies just to the southwest of the town centre. You can leave your luggage at the garderoba.
Train Station in Krapina

Train Station

From the train station it's a 1km walk straight up Frana Galovića to the Museum of the Krapina Neanderthal.
Bus Station in Osijek

Bus Station

Osijek's bus station has good connections to local destinations and regular services to Zagreb.
Train Station in Osijek

Train Station

Osijek's train station is located on Ulica Bartola Kašića, just south of the centre.