Top things to do in Hum

Wine Bar in Hum


The old loggia was the centre of Hum life in Venetian times and it remains so today, thanks to this friendly little bar. Drop by to sample local wine and rakija (grappa), and order a truffle-infused antipasto platte…
Istrian in Hum

Humska Konoba

The town's tavern serves first-rate Istrian mainstays on a lovely outdoor terrace offering panoramic views. Start with a shot of biska (white mistletoe grappa). Next try maneštra s kukuruzom (bean and corn soup); co…
Village in Hum


Don't miss this almost-abandoned village, 2.5km off the road to Roč. It's set on a stream which all but dries up in summer, but at other times bubbles through a series of shallow hollows, perfect for swimming in. Ov…
Church in Hum

St Jerome's Chapel

Positioned in a cemetery just outside the town walls, this little 12th-century Romanesque chapel still has the remains of its original frescoes on the walls, along with graffiti in the archaic Glagolitic script dati…
Landmark in Hum

Glagolitic Alley

The road from Roč to Hum has been dubbed Glagolitic Alley in reference to a series of 11 sculptures placed alongside it, commemorating the area’s importance as a centre of the Glagolitic alphabet (an archaic Slavic …
Food & Drink in Hum

Homemade Rakija Competition

On the last Sunday of October, around 1000 visitors squeeze into Hum for this celebration of the local firewater. After the judging, attendees sample the different-flavoured grappas till it all runs out.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Hum


This outpost of the Buzet distillery sells it's own branded rakija (grappa) and jams, along with wine, chocolate, truffle products and souvenirs.