Dugi Otok attractions

Beach in Božava

Sakarun Bay

Mainly pebbly, with a small strip of sand, Sakarun Bay is one of Dugi Otok's prettiest beaches – although there's not much shade and the water's painfully shallow (but it's great for families with small children). D…
Lighthouse in Veli Rat & Punta Bjanca

Punta Bjanca Lighthouse

Close to the northern tip of Dugi Otok you'll find Punta Bjanca lighthouse (built 1849). At 42m, it's the largest such beacon on the Adriatic. A small chapel dedicated to St Nicholas, patron saint of sailors, is pos…
Lake in Telašćica Bay

Mir Lake

Saltwater Mir Lake is fed by underground channels that run through limestone to the sea; it's home to an endemic species of eel. The lake, which is clear but has a muddy bottom, is surrounded by pine forests and its…
Nature Reserve in Telašćica Bay

Telašćica Nature Park

Telašćica Bay, south of Sali at the very end of Dugi Otok, is a beautiful natural harbour with islands floating invitingly just offshore. The area is officially uninhabited and popular with yachties and those seekin…
Church in Sali

St Mary’s Church

This local parish church was built in the 15th century. Its wooden altar and Renaissance paintings are particularly impressive.