Must-see restaurants in Dubrovnik

  • The main entrance to the restaurant 360° from Sv. Dominika street

    Restaurant 360°


    Dubrovnik's glitziest restaurant offers fine dining at its best, with flavoursome, beautifully presented, creative cuisine, an impressive wine list and…

  • Pantarul sits at the busy Lapad crossroads



    This breezy bistro aligns its menu with the seasons and has a reputation for exceptional homemade bread, pasta and risotto, alongside the likes of steaks,…

  • Nautika


    Nautika bills itself as 'Dubrovnik's finest restaurant' and it comes pretty close. The setting is sublime, overlooking the sea and the city walls, and the…

  • Shizuku is located in an apartment building in the residential area of Dubrovnik



    Attentive local wait staff usher you to your table in the clean-lined, modern dining room of this popular restaurant, tucked away in a residential area…

  • The view of small Nishta terrace on Prijeko Street



    The popularity of this tiny old-town restaurant is testament not just to the paucity of options for vegetarians and vegans in Croatia, but also to the…

  • Proto


    This elegant place is known for its fresh fish and bags of old-town atmosphere. To say it's 'long-standing' is an understatement – it opened its doors in…

  • Restaurant Dubrovnik


    One of Dubrovnik's most upmarket restaurants has a wonderfully unstuffy setting, occupying a covered rooftop terrace hidden among the venerable stone…

  • View of Dolce Vita outside seating from the beginning of the street

    Dolce Vita


    Over a dozen different kinds of sumptuous, creamy gelati are on offer at this sweet spot. Alternatively, choose from a substantial menu of cakes and…

  • The front entrance to Peppino's is at the shopping street of Prijeko



    With over 20 tempting varieties of thick, delicious gelato on offer, this artisanal ice-cream shop serves everything from your standard chocolate to funky…

  • Veranda


    Showcasing dishes from five different regions (Slavonia, Dalmatia, Istria, Hercegovina and Southern Adriatic), the menu at Veranda is like a 'best of'…

  • Piknik Dubrovnik


    Piknik Dubrovnik's gourmet kits upgrade nature outings into snazzy picnics. A spread of locally sourced cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, salads and drinks,…

  • Azur


    When you've had your share of traditional Dalmatian fare, head to Azur for what is dubbed ‘Croatian-Asian fusion’ – a Croatian chef takes on Asian recipes…

  • Bistro Izvor


    Izvor’s menu couples easy-to-love dishes such as tempura prawns or marinated ribs with a succinct list of Croatian wines and beers. But it all comes…

  • Bota Šare Oyster & Sushi Bar


    It's fair to say that most Croatians don't have much of an interest in or aptitude for Asian cooking, yet fresh seafood is something that they understand…

  • Konoba Bonaca


    You'll need to catch a bus or taxi to get to this family-style eatery on the inlet north of the harbour. Being this far from the tourist fray means you'll…

  • Moby Dick


    Set on restaurant-lined Prijeko street, Moby Dick has seen a fair share of neighbours come and go since its inception in 1985. Sticking to verified local…

  • Slatki Kantun


    Positioned by the pool on the terrace of the Hotel More, this 'pastry and cocktail bar' offers a seductive selection of sweet treats including the…

  • Oliva Pizzeria


    There are a few token pasta dishes on the menu, but this attractive little restaurant is really all about pizza. And the pizza is worthy of the attention…

  • Fast Food Republic


    Owned and operated by a friendly young crew, this little burger bar serves a tasty selection of burgers, sandwiches, pizza slices and hot dogs. For a…

  • Taj Mahal Lero front

    Taj Mahal Lero


    While the location doesn't match that of the old town's Taj Mahal, the food does – so if you're up for Bosnian cuisine but not for a long wait, head to…

  • View of Magellan restaurant building from across the street



    Exploring the fusion of fresh Mediterranean ingredients and contemporary cooking techniques, dishes here come sprinkled with an international zing. With…

  • Cafe Festival sits in a 17th-century palace on Stradun



    Set in a 17th-century palazzo on the old town’s main drag, this quintessential Dubrovnik cafe offers unparalleled people-watching coupled with slick…

  • Kamenice restaurant stands out on Gundulić square

    Buffet Kamenice


    Known for a simple menu of Dalmatian specialties, Kamenice's signature dishes include squid risotto, mussels in buzara (white wine) sauce, as well as…

  • LAJK restaurant seen from the table at their terrace



    LAJK stands out among the many restaurants on Prijeko street for its charming trattoria-style setting and compact menu listing local dishes alongside…

  • Zuzori restaurant terrace



    Tucked away in a quiet side alley, Zuzori couples Dubrovnik street ambience with Mediterranean delights served with a contemporary flair. Highlighting…

  • Konoba Dubrava front entrance

    Konoba Dubrava


    Nestled in a patch of forest on the Srđ hill plateau, this rustic tavern offers a refreshing change from the old town’s neatly set terraces and polished…

  • Tabasco pizzeria front entrance

    Pizzeria Tabasco


    Tucked away between the old town and the cable-car station, Tabasco is a local’s fave. Wood-fired pizzas with an ample variety of toppings, plus shaded…

  • x-default

    Buffet Škola


    Tucked away in a narrow side street just off Stradun, this sandwich outlet has been around for decades. Serving platters of Dalmatian delicacies –…

  • Tutto Bene Lapad front

    Tutto Bene Lapad


    Fast food meets table service in a glassy pavilion attached to a takeaway joint on the Lapad Bay pedestrian strip. While waiting for their pizza, burger,…

  • The entrance to Konoba Dalmatino



    At the heart of Dubrovnik's main eat street, Dalmatino is a good place to try the likes of black risotto, octopus salad and truffle pasta, albeit at old…

  • Amfora restaurant viewed from across the road



    From the street, Amfora looks like just another local cafe-bar, but the real magic happens at the six-table restaurant at the rear. Dalmatian favourites…

  • The front facade of Tutto Bene

    Tutto Bene


    As the name suggests, everything’s good at Tutto Bene. Generously sized kebabs, sumptuous pizza slices, delicious wraps, sandwiches and extra crispy fries…

  • Barba entrance and the front window table



    This little fast-food joint serves typical local ingredients – particularly seafood – in an untypical fashion, resulting in tasty quick bites such as…

  • The front of Pupo restaurant



    Tucked away in an old-town alley, Pupo is a good choice for seafood but remains especially loved for its sweets. Leave room for a slice of Dubrovnik…

  • Orsan seaside terrace



    Situated under the shade of pines at the marina, Orsan quite naturally highlights seafood. Delve into the house faves: grilled octopus and Orsan risotto …

  • The view onto Trattoria from the beach

    Sunset Beach Trattoria


    A simple, beachy menu of pizzas, pastas and salads comes topped with spectacular sunsets at this informal eatery, set back from the beach on a sun-baked…

  • Kopun


    Kopun is Croatian for capon (castrated rooster) and this restaurant revives a historical delicacy, serving 'Dubrovnik capon' cooked in honey and sour…

  • Horizont


    Seriously fashionable locals rub shoulders with tourists at this chic restaurant, just outside of the old town. The most sought-after tables are out on…

  • Blidinje


    This locals’ local is perfect for a meat feast. Call first and order lamb, veal, fish or octopus slow-cooked under a peka (metal dome) on the hot coals,…

  • Panorama


    You can get away with a lot when the views are this good, and while the prices are nearly as high as the location, the food at this most touristy of…

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