Cres Island restaurants

Top Choice Croatian in Cres Town

Konoba Bukaleta

Cres lamb gets top billing at this down-to-earth village restaurant, which has been run by the same family for well over three decades. Try the lamb breaded, grilled or roasted on the spit, or tuck into homemade gno…
Croatian in Cres Town

Gostionica Belona

This excellent local tavern plates up Cres seafood, lamb dishes, grilled meat and salads. The roadside terrace isn't in the prettiest location, so try instead for a seat indoors. It has excellent service and a good …
Croatian in Beli

Konoba Beli

The stone dining room bedecked with the agricultural implements of yesteryear creates a suitably rustic setting in which to enjoy locally flavoured grilled fish and meat dishes. When the mercury pushes north, take a…
Seafood in Valun

Konoba Toš-Juna

Of Valun's handful of restaurants, this one stands out for its seafood and its attractive terrace emblazoned with Glagolitic writing. It’s inside a converted olive mill with exposed stone walls, right by the harbour…
Croatian in Osor

Konoba Bonifačić

Tuck into home cooking – such as dependable risottos, grilled meat and fish, and traditional pork with sage – in a particularly lovely garden setting. Have a shot of elderflower grappa while you’re at it.
Croatian in Lubenice

Konoba Hibernicia

Extremely rustic, with stone walls and a terrace popular with the village cats, this humble eatery is notable for its lamb dishes and local ham.
Seafood in Cres Town


This well-established place spills onto the harbour-side promenade and is the local choice for fish and seafood – scampi, squid and prawns.
Buffet in Lubenice

Lubenička Loza

By the entrance to the village, this small buffet is a good spot to stop for a cool beer and a snack.