Božava is a peaceful little place huddled around a lovely natural harbour that’s changed from fishing village to holiday resort in a couple of generations. The village is overgrown with lush, flowering trees and there are appealing shady paths along the coast. Tourism now dominates the local economy in the shape of the four hotels of the Božava ‘tourist village’ and a couple of harbourside restaurants.

During the summer season a little land 'train' (10KN) tootles between the hotels and Sakarun Bay. Mainly pebbly, with a small strip of sand, this is one of the island's prettiest beaches – although there's not much shade and the water's painfully shallow (but it's great for families with small children). To get to the beach by car from Božava, turn right onto the main island road and look for the turn-off on the left after 3km.