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In the seven hundred years of the recorded history of the Dubrovnik Republic there are almost no traces of women that lived in this town. Poets glorified their beauty, but at the same time they were invisible, forced to be silent and obedient. It was important to have many sons, but at the same time daughters were a burden, financially and otherwise. Who were those who gave birth to well known scholars, poets, writers? Who were their wives and how did they live?A forcible ordination of daughters in nunneries, arranged marriages, physical abuse on one hand, and illegitimate wives, lovers and prostitutes on the other hand was their reality. In 2 hours walking tour through the Old Town of Dubrovnik you'll evoke the lives of aristocratic ladies and ordinary women, in this medieval town. The tour includes a visit to the Od Sigurate Convent, the only existing convent in the city where the last surviving evidence of female presence in this town are preserved.
This tour includes sightseeing of the Old Town of Dubrovnik with the accent on the position of women (aristocrats and commoners) in the Dubrovnik Republic (13th – early 19th c).The tour starts in front of the Great Onofrio's fountain, a place that was a gathering point of women for centuries. Next to it is the former convent of St. Claire, a place where aristocratic girls were forcibly ordained at the age of 10. The walk proceeds on the Od Puca street where artisans lived. Not just men, common women had their manufactories in the surrounding streets. On the way to the quarter where aristocrats lived, you'll pass by the building where the first public orphanage in Dubrovnik was opened in the 15th century.At the Rector's palace you'll be introduced to the first written Statutes of Dubrovnik from 1272 where the very first Family Law was formed. The same one that allowed physical abuse of children and women. On the central square, in the front of the St. Blaise Church, next to the Roland's Column, was a place where public punishments were performed. Mutilations were a regular part of female's punishments, as well as stamping with red-hot iron on their foreheads. But always there were those who dared to confront or resist rigid and traditional rules. In the northern part of the city, on the Prijeko street you'll be introduced to some of them. The surrounding area of that street was a quarter where prostitutes lived. Prostitution in Dubrovnik was considered a regular occupation till the end of the 15th c. The tour ends visiting the Church Od Sigurate, one of the oldest buildings in the city. The special attraction is a visit to the Convent od Sigurate, the last existing nunnery within the Walls where you'll meet one of five nuns that live there. That convent's museum preserves last existing traces of women in Dubrovnik.  The tour duration is 2 hours. It's a moderately demanding tour, because it involves climbing stairs. Because of the visit to the church sleeveless shirts and mini skirts are not allowed. Dress accordingly to the weather, because the most part of the tour you'll be on the open. Comfortable shoes are recommended. The tour ends on the main Placa street. Tickets to the convent's museum are not included in the tour price.

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