Côte d'Ivoire in detail

Getting Around


Air Ivoire offers internal flights throughout the country, but prices can be high.


Bringing a bicycle into Côte d'Ivoire overland is hassle-free, but it takes a brave cyclist to risk exposure to Ivoirian drivers.


There is no boat passenger service in the country.


The country's large, relatively modern buses are around the same price and are significantly more comfortable than bush taxis or minibuses.


Car & Motorcycle

You can hire cars from Hertz in Abidjan. Road conditions can be bad, and Ivoirian driving is atrocious, so exercise extreme caution when on the road.

Local Transport

Shared taxis (ageing Peugeots or covered pick-ups, known as bâchés) and minibuses cover major towns and outlying communities not served by the large buses. They leave at all hours of the day, but only when full, so long waits may be required.


Sitarail offers the romantically named Bélier and Gazelle trains linking Abidjan with Ferkessédougou (CFA12,000, daily).