Côte d'Ivoire in detail

Côte d'Ivoire is known for


Grand Bassam Stroll along the long strip of white sand backed by palm orchards.

Assinie Sun, swim and surf on Côte d'Ivoire's most laid-back beaches.

Sassandra Faded glory, white sands and a relaxed atmosphere.

San Pédro Beach life and rainforest treks beckon here.

Nature & Wildlife

Parc National de Taï Nut-cracking chimpanzees and incredible, dense rainforest.

Man Fantastic hiking through lush, tropical forests and breathtaking views.

Yamoussoukro Sacred crocodiles guard the presidential palace and devour fresh meat in the afternoons.

Parc du Banco Good walks through lush nature just a stone's throw away from Abidjan.


Abidjan A good range of upmarket restaurants and street food, offering Ivoirian specialities.

Grand Bassam Fantastic for fish and seafood.

Assinie Fish and seafood on the beach are a must-do in Assinie.


Abidjan The city's skyline is a beautiful sight, dotted with interesting structures by international architects.

Grand Bassam Old colonial charm and melancholy in the dilapidated town centre.

Yamoussoukro The town's huge basilica floats on the landscape like a mirage.