Côte d'Ivoire in detail


Côte d'Ivoire has a lively restaurant scene, particularly in Abidjan, Grand Bassam and Assinie, where the variety of places ranges from street vendors and popular maquis to classy restaurants that cater to the wealthy expats. There are some decent places in the midrange price bracket, too: mostly in Abidjan, where you can also find international restaurants.

Local Food & Drink

Côte d'Ivoire is blessed with a cuisine that's lighter and more flavoursome than that of its immediate coastal neighbours. There are three staples in Ivoirian cooking: rice, fufu and attiéké. Fufu is a dough of boiled yam, cassava or plantain, pounded into a sticky paste; attiéké is grated cassava and has a couscous-like texture. Aloco, a dish of ripe bananas fried with chilli in palm oil, is a popular street food. The most popular places to eat out are maquis; these are cheap, open-air restaurants, usually under thatched roofs, that grill meats each evening. Poisson braisé, a delicate dish of grilled fish with tomatoes and onions cooked in ginger, is a must-try.

The standard beer brand is Flag, but if you're after a premium lager, ask for a locally brewed Tuborg or a Beaufort.