Côte d'Ivoire shopping

Market in Abidjan

Marché de Treichville

The Marché de Treichville is an ugly, Chinese-built building, but inside it's African to the core and incredibly well stocked, from food to household products and secondhand clothing. There is little you can't find …
Arts & Crafts in Abidjan

Galerie d'Arts Pluriels

This fantastic art gallery and shop is run by an Ivoirian art historian. You can view and buy paintings, sculptures and jewellery from all over the continent.
Clothing in Abidjan


This is part of a highly regarded West African group that sells quality wax textiles and some ready-made clothing. Great for gifts.
Arts & Crafts in Man

Tankari Gallery

You can find West African woodwork here, such as dishes, masks and small wooden sculptures. There is also jewellery and textiles.
Shopping Centre in Abidjan

Espace Latrille

A shopping centre containing a range of stores, including the revered Hypermarché Sococé.
Arts & Crafts in Man

Jacky Gallery

Great for souvenir shopping – choose from woodwork, jewellery, hand-painted tablecloths and some local artwork.