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New Moon San Pedro Inka Wachuma Ceremony

When a new moon rises in the sky, it is the magical time that people can cultivate our own potential at its fullest. In the beginning of the month in natural cycle, it helps tremendously if we give ourselves some turning-­­in moment in a retreat. Andes Sacred Valley in Peru is a perfect location for retreat -­­ surrounded by majestic sacred mountains, clean river & strong energy vibes. In Andes, traditional Shamanic healers follow the wisdom of their Inca ancestors. One important wisdom is using the sacred cactus Wachuma, or its Spanish name San Pedro, to guide people in health, emotional, spiritual healing. It is the most powerful plant Andean people use as healing medicine, like Amazonian people use Ayahuasca.
2 days
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Cusco Sightseeing City Tour

Explore the best of Cusco In a half day city tour, visiting the most beautiful and important neighborhoods, streets, plazas, temples and markets: Amaze yourself with the magnificent arquitecture of the Colonial buildings lying over the Incan foundations, visit the San Blas area where local artisans produce and sell their own product, walk the ancient street of Cusco along the temples and palaces. To later finish the tour at the colorful San Pedro Local Market.HighlightsDiscover the hidden secret of Cusco City in a half day tourVisit the Plaza de Armas where the Cathedral of Cusco is locatedWalk the famous twelve angled stone street, and the Street of the SunVisit Koricancha the most important Inca temple Explore and delight yourself with all the richness of san Pedro marketWalk Cusco as a local with our native Tour Guide
4 hours
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Medellin Countryside Scooter Tour

Take a scooter day trip through the beautiful Colombian countryside. Probably the best kept secret in Medellin this area is known as "The Milk Route" by the abundance of dairy farms. Also as "The Switzerland Paisa" for its beautiful scenery. Go back in time as we visit the towns of San Pedro and Belmira.  Wind through the beautiful green rolling hills and meet and photograph real Colombian cowboys and see their way of life. The perfect day tour from Medellin and completely free the crowds of tourists that you find at Guatape.
8 hours
Outdoor Activities

Flats Fishing

Pole along the shallow, calm waters experiencing the ultimate in sport fishing. Explore the endless turtle grass flats, searching for the mighty Tarpon, invisible Bonefish, and the ever-elusive Permit. New to Fly Fishing, No Problem! Our guides are masters and have initiated many anglers into the art of Fly Fishing. Don’t want to learn how to fly fish? Not a problem! Our guides can take spinning gear for you.
7 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours


You will get contact with local culture through cultural and historical buildings enjoying in the same time of the panorama of the town.
4 hours