Côte d'Ivoire restaurants

Top Choice African in Abidjan

Bushman Café

This rooftop terrace restaurant is number-one for gastronomic delights in Abidjan, drawing locals from across the city to come and dine under the stars. The menu is simple and focused on local flavour, and it's perf…
Top Choice African in Abidjan

Le Nandjelet

Tucked away in Blokosso (opposite the cemetery), this enchanting local spot offers good kedjenou (slowly simmered chicken or fish with peppers and tomatoes) and Ivoirian escargot (snails). Make a beeline for one of …
Top Choice Lebanese in Abidjan

Le Mechoui

In an elegant setting that overlooks the lagoon, Le Mechoui serves fantastic Lebanese food. All the ingredients are fresh, the taste is top-notch, and the choice of the meze is simultaneously authentic and imaginati…
Top Choice African in Abidjan


Take Côte d'Ivoire's best maquis dishes, ask top chefs to prepare them and add fine, innovative touches – that's Aboussouan. Foodie heaven, and there's an excellent wine list too.
African in Assinie

Le Voile Rouge

A fantastic little place on the waterfront in Assinie Mafia, serving up Ivoirian specialities such as chicken kedjenou (slowly simmered chicken or fish with peppers and tomatoes) and grilled prawns. You can swim off…
African in Abidjan

La Maison des Combattants

Next to the war memorial, this restaurant housed in a renovated colonial building has a great range of dishes, including escargot, sauce feuille (manioc-leaf sauce with beef tail, fish and crab) and other dishes not…
African in Parc National de Taï

Le Plein Air

A simple maquis (open-air restaurant) in Taï town. You can get the usual grilled chicken or fish with aloco (ripe bananas fried with chilli in palm oil) and attiéké (grated cassava) or rice with a sauce in a peacefu…
African in Abidjan


Brochettes (kebabs), beer and beats: this fantastic outdoor spot, with dozens of vendors grilling meats, sizzles until late. Once you arrive you'll be swarmed by different vendors – choose one and surrender to the a…
Seafood in Abidjan

Le Marlin Bleu

An upmarket, yachting-orientated seafood restaurant (ignore the hotel!) that has fresh fish and luxurious seafood offerings. Popular with the expats. In a kind of compound off Blvd de Marseille.
French in Abidjan

Abidjan Cafe

This Plateau dining hall has a good French menu, featuring everything from local grilled fish to fois gras and créme brûlèe infused with Nutella.