Abidjan drinking and nightlife

Rooftop Bar in Abidjan

Bushman Café

A wide range of cocktails means you can spend hours choosing between passionfruit cocktails or something with a tamarind twist. There's great music here, and DJ parties, too – check their Facebook page for what's co…
Bar in Abidjan

Le Bidule

Expats and travellers congregate here on weekends: a drinking lounge with walls the colour of Ivoirian soil. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed.
Club in Abidjan

Life Star

A fancy club that attracts wealthy Ivoirians and well-off expats, and anyone who's anyone in Abidjan.
Club in Abidjan

Place Vendôme

Popular with well-heeled Ivoirians. You can sometimes dance to Afro-Cuban rhythms.