West African franc (CFA)

Daily Costs

Budget: less than CFA20,000

  • Basic hotel room: from CFA15,000
  • Plate of poisson braisé (grilled fish): from CFA2000
  • Coffee from street vendor: CFA200
  • Shared taxi in Abidjan: CFA300

Midrange: CFA45,000–55,000

  • Hotel room with air-con: from CFA30,000
  • Main dishes: CFA4000–8000
  • Glass of wine: CFA3000
  • Private taxi hire (per hour): CFA3500

Top End: more than CFA70,000

  • Hotel room with mod cons: from CFA60,000
  • Main dishes: from CFA8000
  • Cocktail in nightclub: CFA5500
  • 4x4 rental per day: CFA65,000 (plus petrol)


You'll be expected to bargain at local markets. It's best if you have a starting price in mind, and work up from that – the seller will always start with a higher price than he/she expects to get, and you'll meet somewhere in the middle.


Euros and dollars can be changed at main branches of banks in Le Plateau. SGBCI and Bicici have ATMs that accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

The following banks all have Visa ATMs: