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The boat dock is near the north end of the beach on the inland, estuary side. In the high season, the public water ferry is reliable and frequent, but the price varies. Cabinas and hotels in Zancudo can also arrange private water taxis at the time of your choosing, starting at US$60 for two people and becoming cheaper per person as the group size increases. For US$80, a boat captain will take you to Puerto Jiménez.


A bus to the border at Paso Canoas passes through Zancudo at around 6am each morning (US$42.75, two hours). In Conte, passengers may switch to a bus to Golfito. Those continuing to the border will exit the bus at Laurel and catch a collective taxi the rest of the way.


From both Golfito and Paso Canoas, roads to Zancudo are well signposted. The main roads are paved, but as you get closer to Zancudo, long stretches of road are not. Outside of the dry season, a 4WD is recommended. There are two ways of getting from Zancudo to Pavones: the bumpy coastal road that requires a 4WD as it crosses several creeks, and the main unpaved road (retrace your steps to the fork). It takes around 1¼ hours to drive from Golfito and about 45 minutes to drive to Pavones.