The main activities at Zancudo are undoubtedly swinging on hammocks, strolling on the beach and swimming in the aqua-blue waters of the Golfo Dulce. Here, the surf is gentle, and at night the water sometimes sparkles with bioluminescence – tiny phosphorescent marine plants and plankton that light up if you sweep a hand through the water. The effect is like underwater fireflies.


The mangrove swamps offer plenty of opportunities for exploration: birdlife is prolific, while other animals such as crocodiles, caimans, monkeys and sloths are also frequently spotted. The boat ride from Golfito gives a glimpse of these waters, but you can also paddle them yourself: rent kayaks from Cabinas Los Cocos.


Zancudo is a base for inshore and offshore fishing, river fishing (mangrove snapper, snook and corvina) and fly-fishing. The best sportfishing is from December to May for sailfish and May to September for snook, though many species bite year-round. Trips can be arranged through any of the local accommodations.