Top Choice Cafe in Turrialba


This bright-walled cafe serves up one of the best coffee treats in the country – a frozen caffeine concoction with gooey maracuyá (passion fruit) syrup and crunchy seeds. Dishes include veggie wraps, creative salads…
Costa Rican in Turrialba

La Feria

This unremarkable-looking eatery has friendly service and excellent, reasonably priced home cooking. Sometimes the kitchen gets a bit backed up, but the hearty casados (typical dishes with beans, rice, a small salad…
Supermarket in Turrialba


Self-caterers can find supplies at the well-stocked MegaSuper.
Barbecue in Turrialba

Restaurant Betico Mata

This carnivore’s delight at the south end of town specializes in gallos (open-face tacos on corn tortillas) piled with succulent, fresh-grilled meats including beef, chicken, sausage or pork, all soaked in the speci…
Asian in Turrialba

Wok & Roll

Pan-Asian cuisine, from Singapore-style noodles to Chinese steamed buns, fills the menu at this new eatery near Turrialba's main square. OK, perhaps they're overdoing the fusion thing with the Turri Volcano Roll (ma…