Top things to do

Top Choice Cafe in Turrialba


This bright-walled cafe serves up one of the best coffee treats in the country – a frozen caffeine concoction with gooey maracuyá (passion fruit) syrup and crunchy seeds. Dishes include veggie wraps, creative salads…
Archaeological Site in Monumento Nacional Arqueológico Guayabo

Monumento Nacional Arqueológico Guayabo

This is the largest and most important archaeological site in the country. Although Guayabo is not nearly as breathtaking as Mayan and Aztec archaeological sites (don't expect pyramids), excavations have unearthed s…
Gardens in Turrialba Area

Catie (Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación )

Catie's sprawling grounds, 2km east of Turrialba, encompass 10 sq km dedicated to tropical agricultural research and education. Agronomists from all over the world recognize this as one of the most important centers…
Costa Rican in Turrialba

La Feria

This unremarkable-looking eatery has friendly service and excellent, reasonably priced home cooking. Sometimes the kitchen gets a bit backed up, but the hearty casados (typical dishes with beans, rice, a small salad…
Supermarket in Turrialba


Self-caterers can find supplies at the well-stocked MegaSuper.
Barbecue in Turrialba

Restaurant Betico Mata

This carnivore’s delight at the south end of town specializes in gallos (open-face tacos on corn tortillas) piled with succulent, fresh-grilled meats including beef, chicken, sausage or pork, all soaked in the speci…
Asian in Turrialba

Wok & Roll

Pan-Asian cuisine, from Singapore-style noodles to Chinese steamed buns, fills the menu at this new eatery near Turrialba's main square. OK, perhaps they're overdoing the fusion thing with the Turri Volcano Roll (ma…
National Park in Parque Nacional Volcán Turrialba

Parque Nacional Volcán Turrialba

This rarely visited active volcano (3328m) was declared a national park in 1955, and protects a 2km radius around the volcano. At the time of research, it was only possible to drive as far as Volcán Turrialba Lodge,…
Bar in Turrialba

Avenida 6

A popular bar for the après-rafting crowd, and a good spot to check out live music.