Trips & Prices

Rafting trips are offered by several Turrialba-based agencies as well as reputable national companies such as Exploradores Outdoors and Ríos Tropicales (

Day trips usually raft the Class II–IV Lower Pacuare, thanks to its relative ease of access. A tamer alternative for beginners and families is the Class I–II Río Pejibaye. Other runs – such as the Upper Pacuare and/or remaining navigable segments of Río Reventazón – require more time spent in a van and tend to be more expensive.

For day trips (many of which originate in San José), expect to pay anywhere from US$100 to US$150 depending on transportation, accessibility and amenities. It is generally less expensive to leave from Turrialba (day trips around US$80). Multiday excursions with camping or lodge accommodation are also offered by numerous companies. For two-day trips, prices vary widely depending on accommodation, but expect to pay US$200 to US$350 per person. Children must be at least nine years old for most trips, and older for tougher runs.