Wild Ginger

Fusion in Tortuguero Village

On a dirt path near the beach north of town, the simple, tucked-away place could be straight out of California or Portland (the owner has lived in both cities). It's dimly lit with paper lanterns, has a striking painting of a woman with tree branches for hair on the wall, and specializes in fresh, local, organic fusion cuisine.

The menu changes frequently, but when we visited the creative dishes included curry-stuffed chicken leg with passion-fruit sauce, garlic-ginger shrimp, and falafel with peach-palm hummus, cucumber relish, salad and cheese. Round things off with a chocolate volcano slathered in salted-caramel sauce. The cocktails (served in jars) are excellent, too, all infused with fresh fruits. The owners were in the process of selling the restaurant at research time, passing their current menu options and sustainable ethos to the new proprietors.