Gardens in Puerto Jiménez

Herrera Gardens & Conservation Project

The Herrera Gardens & Conservation Project is a 250-acre reserve with beautiful botanical gardens. This innovative, long-term reforestation project offers an ecologically and economically sustainable alternative…
Beach in Puerto Jiménez

Playa Platanares

About 5km east of town, the long, secluded – and often deserted – Playa Platanares is excellent for swimming, sunning and recovering from too much adventure. The nearby mangroves of Río Platanares are a paradise for…
Farm in Reserva Forestal Golfo Dulce

Finca Köbö

About 8km south of La Palma, Finca Köbö is a chocolate-lover’s dream come true (in fact köbö means ‘dream’ in Ngöbere). The 20-hectare finca (farm) is dedicated to the organic cultivation of fruits and vegetables an…
Beach in Reserva Forestal Golfo Dulce

Playa Blanca

The beautiful sand-and-coral beach, known as Playa Blanca, at the east end of La Palma, is a low-key scene popular with Ticos and an excellent place to go sea kayaking.