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Top Choice Gardens in San Vito

Wilson Botanical Garden

Covering 10 hectares and surrounded by 355 hectares of natural forest, world-class Wilson Botanical Garden, established by Robert and Catherine Wilson in 1963 and thereafter becoming internationally known for its co…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Reserva Indígena Boruca

Bisha Cra

Near the entrance to Boruca village if you're taking the road south of Curré, this excellent store stocks a wide range of local crafts, including some superb examples of cedarwood devil masks and intricately carved …
Cultural in Reserva Indígena Boruca

Fiesta de los Diablitos

This raucous three-day festival, held in Boruca (December 30 to January 2) and Curré (February 5 to 8), symbolizes the historical struggle between the Spanish and the indigenous population. Villagers wearing wooden …
Park in San Vito

Finca Cántaros

About 3km south of San Vito, Finca Cántaros is a recreation center and reforestation project. Over 17 acres of grounds – formerly coffee plantations and pastureland – are now a lovely nature reserve with trails, pic…
Religious in Reserva Indígena Boruca

Fiesta de los Negritos

This festival is held during the second week of December to celebrate the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. Traditional indigenous music (mainly drumming and bamboo flutes) accompanies dancing and costumes.
Light Show in Palmar

Festival de la Luz

Taking place in Palmar over two days in the week before Christmas, the Festival of Light involves lit-up nighttime floats and candles floated down the river.
Supermarket in Palmar

Supermercado BM

The large and well-stocked Supermercado BM is 200m north of the Interamericana–Costanera intersection.
Pizza in San Vito

Pizzería Liliana

This locally popular spot for Italian fare offers more than a dozen different kinds of pizza, all of which are made from scratch (the result is more American than Italian). The service is excellent but dishes can be…
Museum in Reserva Indígena Boruca

Museo Comunitario Indígena de Boruca

Marked by an enormous stone sphere out front, this tiny museum has interpretive exhibits explaining Boruca legends, and displays tools and materials used for making traditional handicrafts. Attached is a shop sellin…
Arts & Crafts in Reserva Indígena Boruca

Boruca Artist Cooperative

Colorful Boruca weavings and balsa masks decorated with jungle birds and animals are for sale here. Sometimes there are also cedarwood devil masks. Located at Curré, about 30km south of Buenos Aires, right on the In…