The Road to Chirripó attractions

Top Choice Nature Reserve in San Gerardo de Rivas

Cloudbridge Nature Reserve

About 2km past the trailhead to Cerro Chirripó you will find the entrance to the mystical, magical Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. Covering 283 hectares on the side of Cerro Chirripó, this private reserve is an ongoing …
Farm in Santa María de Dota

Queso Pacheco

Queso is not Costa Rica’s strong suit, but this little cheese operation, run by a former president’s son, is one example to the contrary. Abel Pacheco has been living on this remote farm with his wife since the '80s…
National Park in The Road to Chirripó

Parque Nacional Los Quetzales

All jagged peaks and glacial lakes, this 50-sq-km park consists of rain, cloud and premontane forest, and is home to the eponymous quetzal, along with endangered species including jaguars, Baird’s tapirs and squirre…
Nature Reserve in San Gerardo de Rivas

Talamanca Reserve

With over 1600 hectares of primary and secondary cloud forest, this private reserve has numerous hiking trails, the longest being a seven-hour trek, and another leading to its 11 waterfalls. Talamanca is doing its b…
Gardens in San Gerardo de Dota

Batsù Garden

A garden designed specifically for birdwatching and photography, Batsù is a new attraction in a place where not much changes. The name of the garden comes from the Bribri indigenous tribes' word for 'small bird' and…
Gardens in San Gerardo de Rivas

Jardines Secretos

These not-so-secret gardens make for a tranquil pre- or post-Chirripó pastime as the owners talk you through their collection of orchids and other tropical plants. Find the turnoff just before the ranger station.
Cathedral in San Isidro de El General


Love it or hate it, San Isidro's modernist, concrete cathedral dominates the main square and is the town's most interesting architectural feature. That says it all, really. Look out for the surprisingly beautiful st…