Arts & Crafts in Sarchí

Fábrica de Carretas Joaquín Chaverri

Sarchí's oldest and best-known factory, 1.5km southeast of the plaza; watch artisans doing their meticulous work in the small studio in the back.
Arts & Crafts in Sarchí


In Sarchí Norte, 200m west of the soccer field, is this kitsch-filled paradise of carretas, woodwork and painted feathers. A butterfly farm (US$3.50) next door features blue morphos and is best visited in the mornin…
Arts & Crafts in Sarchí

Fábrica de Carretas Eloy Alfaro

Just west of the town center (100m north of the Palí supermarket); it produced the massive oxcart in Sarchí's main plaza. Upstairs, Don Lolo restaurant serves up buffet-style meals.