Arts & Crafts in San José

Biesanz Woodworks

Located in the hills of Bello Horizonte in Escazú, the workshop of Biesanz Woodworks can be difficult to find, but the effort will be well worth it. This shop is one of the finest woodcrafting studios in the nation,…
Arts & Crafts in San José

Sin Domicilio Fijo

In downtown Escazú, this art and design shop is ensconced in a historic, 150-year-old house with adobe walls, near the southwest corner of Escazú's church. It's full of unique handicrafts that make ideal gifts, from…
Arts & Crafts in San José

Galería Namu

This fair-trade gallery brings together artwork and cultural objects from a diverse population of regional ethnicities, including Boruca masks, finely woven Wounaan baskets, Guaymí dolls, Bribrí canoes, Chorotega ce…
Arts & Crafts in San José

Kiosco SJO

With a focus on sustainable design by Costa Rican artisans, this sleek shop in Barrio Escalante stocks handmade jewelry, hand-tooled leather bags, original photography, stuffed animals, fashion and contemporary home…
Arts & Crafts in San José


This hip little design shop across from Casa Amarilla sells all manner of pieces crafted by Costa Rican designers and artists, including clothing, jewelry, handbags, picture frames, zines and works of graphic art.
Art in San José

Distrito Carmen

Cool new design store where you can pick up interesting art, clothing, jewelry and other odds and ends created by a couple of dozen local artists.