From humble corner stands dishing out gut-filling casados (set meals) to contemporary bistros serving fusion everything, in cosmopolitan San José you'll find the country’s best restaurant scene. Dedicated foodies should also check out the dining options in Los Yoses and San Pedro, as well as Escazú and Santa Ana.

Top-end restaurants are often busy on weekend evenings; make a reservation.

Central San José East

Long-standing neighborhood sodas (lunch counters) mix effortlessly with contemporary cafes and Asian-fusion eateries on San José’s eclectic east side.

Central San José West

The city’s hectic commercial heart has some of the cheapest eats in town. One of the best places for a budget-priced lunch is the Mercado Central, where you’ll find a variety of sodas serving casados, tamales, seafood and everything in between.

La Sabana & Surrounds

Supermarkets include Más X Menos and Palí.

Los Yoses, Barrio Escalante & San Pedro

Succulent Turkish sandwiches, Caribbean-style rondón (seafood gumbo), wood-fired pizzas – you can find every type of cuisine imaginable in this corner of the city. Just north of Los Yoses, Calles 33 and 35 in Barrio Escalante are prime foodie destinations, boasting several fine restaurants within a few city blocks.

Escazú & Santa Ana

These two suburbs are home to a great many upmarket restaurants, as well as some fine farmers' markets and plenty of gourmet grocery stores, including Automercado, Más X Menos and Supermercado Saretto.