Top Choice Seafood in Playas San Miguel & Coyote


Best. Beach. Bar. And that's saying something in Costa Rica. On an amazing, nearly deserted stretch of beach, Henner serves up his secret-family-recipe ceviche out of an old shipping container. Ice cold beers cap of…
Pizza in Playas San Miguel & Coyote

Pizza Tree

If there is anything more fun than eating pizza in a tree house, we're not sure what it is. Take a seat at the top of this ramshackle, Seuss-like structure and feast on thin-crust pizzas and focaccias from the wood-…
International in Playas San Miguel & Coyote

El Barco

It looks like a boat, but it's actually a building, facing a sweet slice of sand on Playa Coyote. Hokey, perhaps, but there's nothing gimmicky about the delicious and nutritious creations coming out of the kitchen. …