Tourist Information in Playa Sámara

Sámara Info Center

Located on the main road paralleling the beach, the Info Center is run by the amiable Brenda and Christopher. It's basically a tour consolidator, but they can help with accommodations, restaurant recommendations, tr…
Laundry in Playa Sámara

La Vida Verde

Drop your dirty duds off at this laundry, 75m west of Banco Nacional. Or call ahead for pickup and delivery.
Post in Playa Sámara

Post Office

Located in the same building as the police station, on the main road near the beach.
Police in Playa Sámara

Police Station

Next to the post office, near the beach at the end of the main north–south road.
Bank in Playa Sámara

Banco Costa Rica

Just off the main road, across from the soccer field.
Bank in Playa Sámara

Banco Nacional

Located next to the church.