Top things to do in Playa Hermosa

Mediterranean in Playa Hermosa


On the east side of the main road, you’ll see this stunner cantilevered into the trees. This is not the restaurant you would expect to find in an unassuming beach village. The chic ambience complements a gourmet lis…
Seafood in Playa Hermosa

La Casita del Marisco

A rather hidden, unassuming gem near the end of town, this place has Ticos and gringos alike raving about the soups, ceviches and all things fishy. And you've got a great view of the famous Monkey Head rock in the b…
Costa Rican in Playa Hermosa

Aqua Sport

This colorful, fun beach bar is an excellent place to pass an evening feasting on burgers or fish tacos and swilling beers. Or sample the Peruvian specialties, such as lomo saltado (salted pork), diabla shrimp (spic…
Costa Rican in Playa Hermosa


If you want to sip fruity cocktails while you watch the sun drop into the sea, Roberto's is the place. For dinner, there's plenty of local seafood and Tico specialties. Or you can lunch on burgers and sandwiches whe…
Supermarket in Playa Hermosa

Super Luperón

A well-stocked grocery store in the center of town.