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Top Choice Area in Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Punta Catedral

Geography fun fact: this isthmus, which is the centerpiece of the park, is called a tombolo and was formed by the accumulation of sand between the mainland and the peninsula beyond, which was once an island. At its …
Top Choice Fusion in Quepos to Manuel Antonio

Kapi Kapi Restaurant

While there is some stiff competition for the title of best restaurant in the area, this Californian creation certainly raises the bar. The menu at Kapi Kapi (a traditional greeting of the indigenous Maleku) spans t…
Top Choice National Park in Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio & Around

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Featuring lush jungle, picture-perfect beaches and craggy headlands, this tiny park brims with wildlife (and oftentimes, visiting humans). As you wander its lovely trails, you'll catch a glimpse of dangling sloths, …
Top Choice Fusion in Quepos to Manuel Antonio

Café Milagro

This is a fine stop for fancy coffee drinks, and even better for decadent breakfasts (banana pancakes with macadamia nuts), sandwiches (mango mahi mahi wrap) and sophisticated interpretations of Tico fare for dinner…
Top Choice Fusion in Quepos

Z Gastro Bar

Bright, open to the breeze from all sides and with colorful cushions strewn on its comfy couches, this is a terrific spot for lingering with a coffee and dessert, or over a meal of dorado ceviche in coconut milk, an…
Top Choice Seafood in Quepos


A contender for the region's best restaurant, Gabriella's does many things well. The veranda catches the sunset, the service is attentive, but the food is the real star, with a great emphasis on fresh fish and mouth…
Top Choice Beach in Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Playa Espadilla Sur

The exposed Playa Espadilla Sur is to the north of Punta Catedral and swimming here can be dangerous. The beach is a half-hour hike from the park entrance.
Top Choice Seafood in Quepos

Marisquería Jiuberth

Run by a hardworking fisherman's family, this institution with brightly tiled floors serves the best seafood in town, yet is practically unknown to visitors because it's tucked away. Whether you have the catch of th…
Top Choice Bakery in Quepos

Brooklyn Bakery

Real New York–style bagels and lox (a real rarity in Costa Rica)! Rye bread! Iced coffee! This adorable little bakery bakes its fresh wares every morning, as well as serving light bites and amazing salads throughout…
Cafe in Quepos

Café Milagro

Café Milagro sources its coffee beans from all over Costa Rica and produces a variety of estate, single-origin and blended roasts to suit any coffee fiend's palate, with 1% of its profits going to environmental caus…